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Do you need a new car but aren't sure if you'll be approved for financing? Well, stop for worrying. Contact Dr. Chow, our Finance Specialist, at Markham Mitsubishi.


If you have bad credit, no credit or you have been turned down previously, our Dr. Chow has the tools, contacts and expertise to help you re-build your credit and get back on the road again. If you want to shop with confidence knowing that you are pre-approved, or to establish a price or payment range you should be considering, allow Markham Mitsubishi's Credit Experts to help


Choose from Markham Mitsubishi, great selection of Mercedes, BMWs, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kia & much more! Just have a job for six months and make at least $1800 dollars a month, no credit application refused.

Markham Mitsubishi respects your privacy and we assure you that your personal information and circumstance will be treated with the utmost respect; submit the form below to Markham Mitsubishi today!

Please complete the mandatory fields marked (*). Additional information may help us to assist you; if we need more details we will be in contact with you shortly. The contents of this form will be sent directly to Markham Mitsubishi through a secure network in order to protect your privacy.

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